Bendable LED Display

Bendable LED Display offer a range of cutting-edge features that make them an ideal choice for creating innovative and attractive display solutions. WIFORFILM, a leading transparent LED screen manufacturer, specializes in providing these advanced displays to the global market.

Key Features of Bendable LED Display:

Flexible and Adaptable:

Capable of bending, inside and outside arcs, 90° corners, and 270° curved surfaces.
Provides unexpected stereo vision surprises, adapting to various creative display needs.
Transparent Display:

High permeability allows the screen to be attached to glass seamlessly.
Preserves the original design structure and does not obstruct daily lighting.
When the screen is not in use, it blends perfectly into the glass, almost invisible.
Super Light and Thin:

Remarkably thin, with a thickness of only 3mm.
Extremely lightweight, weighing up to 5kg/㎡, making it easy to handle and install.

Supports arbitrary cutting, enabling customization to meet different size and shape requirements.
Facilitates more creative and tailored displays.
Wide Viewing Angle:

Boasts a wide viewing angle of 160° from each angle.
Eliminates dead angles and color bias, covering a larger area and attracting attention over a wider space.
Safe and Beautiful Design:

No visible components on the screen, providing a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Hidden power supply ensures safety and reliability.
Minimal Quick Installation:

Simple and fast installation process.
Requires only tearing off the protective film and sticking the display on the glass for completion.
Bendable LED Displays offer the benefits of energy efficiency, safety, and enhanced aesthetics. Their ability to seamlessly integrate into various environments makes them a powerful tool for creating modern, high-tech, and intelligent display platforms with significant commercial value.

Bendable LED Display Data sheet
MODEL P6.25 P8 P10 P15 P20
Module size (mm) 1000*400 1000*400 1000*400 990*390 1000*400
LED light REE1515 REE1515 REE1515 REE2121 REE2121
Pixel composition R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1 R1G1B1
Pixel spacing (mm) 6.25*6.25 8*8 10*10 15*15 20*20
Module pixel 160*64=10240 125*50=6250 100*40=4000 66*26=1716 50*20=1000
Pixel/m2 25600 16500 10000 4356 2500
Brightness 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-3000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m² 2000-4000 cd/m²
Permeability 90% 92% 94% 94% 95%
Angle of view ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 ° 160 °
Input voltage AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz AC110-240V50/ 60Hz
Peak power 600w/㎡ 600w/㎡ 600w/㎡ 600w/㎡ 600w/㎡
Average power 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡ 200w/㎡
Work environment Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Temperature -20~55°C
Humidity 10-90%
Weight 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.3kg
Thickness 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Drive mode Static state Static state Static state Static state Static state
Control system Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight Nova/Colorlight
Typical value of life 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H 100000H
Grayscale level 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit
Refresh rate 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 3840 Hz

Application scenario -handrail elevator

In the escalator, the transparent LED display can be used to display a varietyof information and advertising, making it more convenient for passengers tounderstand the elevator information and obtain useful information whiletaking the elevator.  We propose an application scheme of transparent LED display in escalator.  A transparent LED screen is installed on the handrail ofthe elevator, so that passengers can get useful information without affectingthe transparency of the elevator. The application scenarios of this solution include the following aspects:Elevator running status display: Transparent LED display can be used to displaythe running status of the elevator, such as running speed, current floor, stoppingfloor and otherinformation.
Advertising display: Transparent LED display can be used to broadcastadvertisements, such as advertisements of the business on the floorwhere the elevator is located or relevant social welfare advertisements, etc.Other information display: Transparent LED display can also be used to displayotherinformation,such as weather forecast, clock, etc.

Application scenario -glass guardrail

Bendable LED Display

In shopping malls, transparent LED displays can be applied to theglass parapets of shopping malls to attract customers' attentionand improve the brand image.We propose an application schemeof transparent LED display in the glass guardrail of shopping mall.The scheme uses a transparent LED display mounted on the glassguardrail in order to display advertising messages and attractcustomers'attention without taking up a large area of space.

Application Scenario -Retail Store

Bendable LED Display

Transparent LED display is a new type of display technology with high transparency,vivid colors and high brightness. in stores, transparent LED displays can be applied tostore glass windows to attract customers' attention and improve the brand image ofthe store.We propose a transparent LED display in the store glass window applicationscheme. The solution uses transparent LED displays installed on store glass windowsto facilitate stores to display advertising messages and attract customers' attentionwithout taking up large areas of space.

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