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What Is Flexible LED Display Screen?

Flexible LED Display Screen, commonly referred to as a flexible transparent LED screen, is an advanced display technology characterized by its ability to showcase transparent content. This cutting-edge screen utilizes a streamlined structure to deliver high-definition visuals while maintaining a high refresh rate. Its installation method involves the use of a film-based approach, enabling the entire screen to be exceptionally flexible, allowing for bending and deformation. This flexibility opens up a range of creative possibilities for its use in various applications, making it a versatile and innovative display solution.

flexible led screen display
Lighter and Thinner Design

This flexible led screen display features a remarkable thickness of only 3mm and weighs as little as 0.2kg/m2, a substantial reduction compared to traditional transparent screens that typically weigh around 12kg/m2. The flexible led screen streamlines the installation process, significantly cutting down on labor and time costs.

Safe for Use

The enhanced structure facilitates natural convection, leading to improved heat dissipation and reduced failure rates. This design ensures an extended lifespan and lower maintenance costs. With no components on the screen and an enhanced power concealment design, along with special material selection, it becomes a safer and more reliable choice for usage.

Superior Longevity

Various pixel pitch options are available, allowing you to achieve your desired visual performance with better clarity, more vibrant colors, and overall improved effectiveness.

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Multiple Pixel Options Available

The flexible led display offers various pixel pitch choices for achieving optimal visual performance, ensuring better clarity, more vibrant colors, and enhanced overall effectiveness.

Customizable Rollable LED Display Film

This roll-up LED screen is highly flexible, capable of bending to meet diverse location requirements. Its versatility allows for better adaptation to unique space constraints, resulting in improved display performance.

Bendable and Trimmable

The flexible led panel screen are easy to fold, roll up, or even cut to the desired structure or length without compromising the lighting effect.

flexible led display module

Low Power Consumption

With low power consumption, this transparent flexible led display offers an 80% electricity consumption savings compared to other suppliers' products.

Innovative and Superior Visual Presentation

Great Brightness

Higher brightness levels, reaching up to a maximum of 5000cd/m2, ensure clear visibility and vibrant color saturation for the transparent LED video wall in both daytime and nighttime settings, creating vivid and dynamic visual displays.

Better Transmittance

As a flexible LED screen panel, it boasts improved transmittance for a highly technological visual presentation, creating a more novel and innovative visual appeal. Achieving up to 95% transparency without affecting natural light penetration or the quality of visual presentation.

High Refresh Rate

With a refresh rate exceeding 3840Hz, the LED transparent display ensures smoother transitions between images, offering a comfortable viewing experience and eye-catching imaging effects that instantly capture viewers' attention, regardless of the usage scenario.

Super Wide Viewing Angles

The flexible led display module provides an incredibly wide viewing angle, with a horizontal viewing angle of up to 160° and a vertical viewing angle of 140°. It delivers the best viewing experience within a range of 8 to 150 meters, providing superior visual effects that cater to viewers from various positions.

Simple and Hassle-Free Installation

It is an adhesive LED screen, utilizing a mounting-on-glass installation method that is even simpler and suitable for a wider range of scenarios. The installation process is convenient and effortless, requiring no support structures like brackets or steel frames. Simply peel off the surface film, gently apply it, and connect the new power box – that's all you need. Additionally, it can be attached directly to the building wall without damaging the original building mechanism.

Super Convenient Maintenance

Our Flexible LED Display Screen offers unparalleled ease of maintenance, catering to both front and back maintenance needs. This incredible feature makes maintenance unbelievably easy, allowing you to effortlessly upkeep the display with minimal costs and time investment.

Application Field of Flexible LED Display Screen

The versatility of our Flexible LED Display Screen makes it a sought-after product for various applications. It is particularly well-suited for large glass curtain walls, including those on buildings, urban skyscrapers, expansive shopping malls, and exhibition spaces. Additionally, it finds its place on the glass windows of automobile stores, jewelry and clothing stores, as well as transportation hubs such as high-speed rail stations, airports, subway stations, and bus stations.
Beyond architectural applications, the Flexible LED Display Screen proves its adaptability in lighting projects, interior decoration, and creative displays for cultural and tourism activities, as well as stage performances. Its flexibility and dynamic visual capabilities make it an ideal choice for a wide range of environments, adding a touch of innovation and modernity to any space.

Application Field of Flexible LED Display Screen


1. Are the flexible LED screen display energy-efficient?
Yes, this transparent led screen is more energy-efficient, saving up to 80% more energy compared to traditional LED displays.
2. Do flexible LED screen come in different colors and pixel pitches?
Yes, this flexible transparent screen offers a variety of pixel options to better adapt to the requirements of different locations, using high-quality light sources to ensure better color rendering.
3. Are transparent LED film suitable for indoor applications?
Yes, this type of led display screen can be used for indoor display applications in apartments.
4. What’s the warranty of this transparent LED film?
We offer a one-year warranty period and provide 24/7 after-sales service, giving you the most professional technical support.

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