Hologram Led Screen RS/RL-P6.25

This holographic LED screen is an innovative display technology that combines the principles of holography and LED technology to create stunning, three-dimensional visual experiences. It represents a significant advancement in the field of display technology and has a wide range of applications in various industries.
The holographic led screen use LED technology to create immersive 3D visuals. They find applications in various industries, from retail to education, and offer interactive capabilities that engage users in new and exciting ways. While they may come with a higher price tag, their potential to revolutionize visual experiences makes them a technology to watch in the future.

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Product Profile

Advantages Of Transparent Film Hologram LED Screen

Innovative Keel-Free Design and High Transparency: Our transparent hologram LED screen is engineered without the need for fixed keels, ensuring stable display performance. This design eliminates visible lattices, offering complete transparency. The screen's ultra-thin profile measures less than 2mm, with a mere 6KG weight per square meter, excluding the power supply.
Effortless Installation and Minimal Maintenance: Tailored to customer preferences, the screen can be assembled from multiple modules, effortlessly linked at the corners to connect to the control unit for easy installation. Furthermore, our screen supports individual lamp control; if one set of lamp beads malfunctions, it won't impact others. Maintenance is simplified with straightforward lamp replacement.Dead pixels won't affect neighboring lamp beads, eliminating the need for
factory returns, requiring only basic on-site training for maintenance.
Refined Design for Versatile Applications: The intricate structure of our high-transparency screen seamlessly blends the scene before and after the screen, creating a stunning 3D fusion effect. This product excels in providing a captivating 3D levitation experience while accommodating traditional video content. It caters to diverse needs, from urban landscapes and storefront displays to creative spaces, tech-enabled education, and cutting-edge home glass curtain walls, delivering exceptional 3D visual quality.
Independent Drive IC for High Definition and Brightness: We employ proprietary IC technology with a 16-bit gray scale and high refresh rate, ensuring impeccable image quality and remarkable brightness. This independent core technology, combined with premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship, achieves a sensory transparency level exceeding 90%. Our screen boasts 6 to 10 times more pixels per unit area than competitors, eliminating strip splitting effects. Even when viewed from 3 meters away, pixels are virtually invisible to the naked eye, guaranteeing true high definition and exceptional brightness.

Four Features Of Transparent Hologram LED Screen

High Transparency

It is a game changer in the LED display industry, without visible frame and bars in between the screen, which provide high visual transparency at 90% when attach to a glass panel.

High Transparency

Light Thin

Light & Thin

It only weighs 6kg per SQM with a thickness of 1.8mm. It doesn't add much weight onto your glass panel or structure and bring a lesser difficulty to logistic.


LED Module can be bent or cut to meet the actual requirement. Ideally for curved glass panels or tailor-made screens.


Model RS-P6.25 RL-P6.25
Pixel spacing L(6.25mm)W(6.25mm) L(6.25mm)W(6.25mm)
Pixel density 25660 points /㎡ 25660 points /㎡
Module size 1200mm*250mm 1500mm*250mm
LED light 1515(light drive in one) 1515(light drive in one)
Breakpoint continuation
Thickness 1-3mm 1-3mm
Power Consumption Avg:200W/㎡,Max:600W/㎡ Avg:200W/㎡,Max:600W/㎡
Weight Less than3kg/㎡ Less than3kg/㎡
Permeability >80% >80%
Life span >100,000 >100,000
Power supply requirement 220V±10%;AC50HZ,Three-phase five-wire 220V±10%;AC50HZ,Three-phase five-wire
Brightness White balance brightness 2000-4500cd/㎡;
automatic and manual adjustment according to ambient brightness
White balance brightness 2000-4500cd/㎡;
automatic and manual adjustment according to ambient brightness
Angle of view H160,V140 H160,V140
Grayscale level ≥16(bit) ≥16(bit)
Color Temperature 5500K-15000K(Adjustable) 5500K-15000K(Adjustable)
Drive mode static state static state
Attenuation rate Less than 0.05% in 2 years Less than 0.05% in 2 years
Refresh rate >3840HZ >3840HZ
MTBF > 10000H > 10000H
LED bead failure rate less than one ten thousandth and is discretely distributed less than one ten thousandth and is discretely distributed
Control system Colorlight/Nova Synchronous/Asynchronous Colorlight/Nova Synchronous/Asynchronous
Use environment ◆Working environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RH
◆Storage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RH
◆Working environment:-10~+65℃/10~90%RH
◆Storage environment:-40~+85℃/10~90%RH
Installation mode Mounting, lifting, fixing, support any size cutting, bending Mounting, lifting, fixing, support any size cutting, bending

Module Dimension & Control Box

transparent holographic LED screen Module Dimension & Control Box

System Topology

transparent holographic LED screen System Topology


The transparent holographic LED screen is widely used in commercial display windows, commercial curtain walls, exhibition halls, creative displays, cultural and tourism, automotive 4S stores, and other fields.

Transparent Hologram LED Screen RS/RL-P3.91 Applications
Transparent Hologram LED Screen Applications

Installation Tutorial Video


Can the Hologram LED Screen be installed on the backside of the glass or acrylic?

Yes, you can. The holographic LED screen can be adhered to the front of the glass/acrylic or backside of the glass/acrylic

can the element/panel be removed easily from the glass after us?

It's a transparent and patented adhesive. The led module can be removed easily however it is primarily for fixed installations and it is not recommended to remove and re-install the led modules repeatedly. The maintenance is easier than traditional led screens and you can use a soldering iron to change the defective led pixels or send these back to the factory for professional repair

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