Transparent LED Film Screen

Ultra Thin Flexible LED Screen

Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen P15

Adhesive Ultra-Thin Flexible LED Screen is a new type of display technology, which has the characteristics of high transparency, bright colors, and high brightness. comes with up to 90% transparency and at the same time offers full display properties.At first glance, you do not see any wires between the LED modules. When the LED film is off, the transparency is almost perfect.
* Slim & Soft for Creative Design,Ultra-thin and ultra-light
* Easy Installation & Anti-UV, self-adhesive Film which paste on the glass without frames or other gaps.
* Flexible during installation, the size and layout of the film can be customized to suit different installation areas.
* Sufficient brightness,Excellent color performance
LED Transparent Film Screen

LED Transparent Film Screen P20

Globally Unique Bare Wafer Technology; The adhesive led transparent film screen boasts lightness, thinness, and transparency. The led transparent film is bendable and clipping. The transparent led film display can be directly stuck to glass curtain walls without affecting the original structure of architectures and indoor daylight.
The adhesive led transparent film screen is perfectly integrated into the glass when seen from a distance.

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