Flexible Transparent LED Screen P10

The flexible transparent LED screen utilizes a cutting-edge technology known as bare crystal ball implantation. The light board incorporates a transparent crystal film that is etched with a transparent mesh circuit, and the components are meticulously adhered to the surface before being vacuum-sealed. the thin LED screen is exceptionally lightweight, weighing approximately 5kg per square meter.The transparent flexible led display are used in environments with glass, such as architectural glass curtain walls, glass showcases, glass guardrails, etc.

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Product Profile

p10 led screen

The transparent flexible led screen is a thin and flexible LED display technology. This transparent flexible led display have high light transmittance, reaching over 90%. This means that even when the screen is turned off, the audience can still see the scenery behind it through the display screen. The high transparency of p10 led screen has made them widely used in commercial and architectural decoration fields. Due to the use of flexible substrates and thin film structures, LED film screens have high flexibility. This provides more possibilities for film mounted screens in special scenarios and creative designs.

Product features

LED High transmittance Easy to install AB version

light drive in one,

independent research and
development, high reliability,

mini LED device, industry leading

The transmittance is
more than 90%,
which does not affect
the glass daylighting
without steel structure,
just stick the thin screen
slightly and connect the
power signal
Flexible Light and thin UV resistance Flame retardanyt

for any surface

as thin as 2.5mm, as light as 5kg/ 5~10 years can ensure no yellowing flame retardant grade V1

Product parameter table

Module size (mm) 1000*400 Peak power 600w/㎡
LED light REE1515 Average power 200w/㎡
Pixel composition R1G1B1 Work environment Temperature -20-55
Pixel spacing (mm) 10*10 Weight 1.3kg
Module pixel 100*40=4000 Thickness 2.5mm
Pixel/㎡ 10000 Drive mode static state
Brightness 2000/4000 Control system Nova/Colorlight
Permeability 94% Typical value of life 100000H
Angle of view ° 160 Grayscale level 16bit
input voltage AC110-240V50/60Hz Refresh rate 3840Hz

The P10 LED screen is a type of LED display characterized by a pixel pitch of 10 millimeters (mm), which refers to the distance between the centers of two adjacent pixels. This pixel pitch size is considered to be a standard option for indoor and semi-outdoor LED displays. P10 LED screens are renowned for their vibrant colors, high brightness, and exceptional clarity, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
High Resolution:  the led display p10 offers impressive resolution capabilities. It can display detailed images and videos even from a distance.
Brightness: p10 led display board are designed for  indoor and semi-outdoor use and are known for their high brightness levels. This ensures excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight, making them ideal for  indoor and semi-outdoor advertising and signage.
Color Accuracy: The p10 led wall deliver accurate and vivid colors, ensuring that content is displayed with striking visual impact. The color uniformity across the screen is also maintained effectively.
Energy Efficiency: LED technology is inherently energy-efficient, and P10 screens are no exception. They consume less power compared to traditional display technologies, contributing to cost savings.
Easy Maintenance: The modular design of p10 led display panel allows for easy maintenance and replacement of individual modules or pixels, minimizing downtime and repair costs.
In conclusion, the p10 indoor led display is a versatile and high-performance display technology with numerous applications across various industries. Its exceptional brightness, durability, and visual quality make it a popular choice for  indoor and semi-outdoor installations, providing effective communication and advertising solutions. As technology continues to advance, P10 LED screens are likely to remain a prominent choice in the world of digital displays.

p10 indoor led display

High visibility: advertising led display screen are highly visible, even in bright sunlight. This is due to the fact that LEDs emit light in all directions, unlike traditional displays, which emit light from a single point.
Eye-catching content: led display screen for advertising can be used to create eye-catching and engaging content by using a variety of techniques, such as animation, video, and interactive elements.
Affordability: advertising display screen led are relatively affordable, making them a cost-effective option for businesses of all sizes.
giant led screen advertising are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. They can be used to reach a large audience and create a lasting impression on their target market.

flexible LED panel screen is a cutting-edge display technology that offers versatility and adaptability for various applications. These panels consist of tiny light-emitting diodes embedded in a flexible substrate, allowing them to be bent and curved to fit unique shapes and spaces. They offer high-resolution visuals, vibrant colors, and seamless integration.
flexible led panel video screen are commonly used in advertising, signage, events, and architectural designs. Their lightweight and thin profile make them easy to install, and they can be customized to suit specific needs, making them a popular choice for innovative and dynamic visual solutions.
The thin and lightweight nature of flexible led tv screen makes them highly portable, while their energy efficiency contributes to a sustainable and visually stunning viewing experience.

P10 LED Screen

P10 LED screen refers to a type of LED display panel where each pixel is composed of clusters of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The "P10" specification typically indicates the pixel pitch, which is the distance between the centers of adjacent pixels. In the case of a LED Display P10, the pixel pitch is 10 millimeters.
The P10 LED Screen are commonly used for outdoor and indoor advertising, stadium displays, scoreboards, and various types of large-scale signage due to their high brightness, good visibility even in daylight, and durability. They can display a wide range of content, from text and images to videos, and are often controlled by specialized hardware and software systems to manage the content being displayed.

P10 LED Display Price

The price of a P10 LED display can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the display, resolution, brand, quality, and additional features like waterproofing or brightness levels. Generally, for a basic P10 LED display module, you might expect prices to range from $200 to $500 per square foot. Larger displays or those with higher resolutions and advanced features can cost more. It's best to check with suppliers or manufacturers for specific pricing based on your requirements.

P10 LED Display Board

P10 LED display board typically refers to a type of LED display panel with a pixel pitch of 10mm. This means that the distance between the centers of two adjacent LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on the display is 10mm. P10 LED displays are commonly used for outdoor advertising, information display, scoreboards, and various other applications where a large, high-visibility display is needed.
These displays are made up of individual LED modules that contain multiple LEDs arranged in a matrix. Each module is usually a square or rectangular panel that can be combined with other modules to create larger display screens of virtually any size. P10 LED displays offer good visibility even from a distance and can display text, images, and videos with relatively high resolution.
The "P10" designation indicates the pixel pitch, which is an important factor in determining the resolution and viewing distance of the display. Lower pixel pitch values (e.g., P6, P8, etc.) indicate higher resolution displays suitable for closer viewing distances, while higher pixel pitch values like P10 are typically used for displays that will be viewed from farther away.

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