P6 Flexible LED Display

The P6 Flexible LED Screen offers an unparalleled immersive and authentic experience, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers. Its remarkable engineering boasts high transparency, an ultra-slim profile, and an astonishingly lightweight design.
Measuring at an astonishingly slim 3mm thickness and weighing as little as 3.5kg/㎡, the P6 LED screen stands as one of the slimmest and most lightweight LED displays available in the current market. This makes it an ideal choice for crafting immersive visuals that seamlessly blend into any environment.
In stark contrast to conventional LED screens, this film LED screen is exceptionally flexible and can adhere to curved glass surfaces with ease. Its support for arbitrary cutting means it is not confined by size or shape limitations, enabling tailored installations that cater to your unique requirements.
With its absence of dead angles and no discernible color discrepancies, the P6 LED display delivers both visually stunning and secure visuals that are guaranteed to captivate your audience.

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Product Profile

p6 led video wall

Product features

LED High transmittance Easy to install AB version

light drive in one,

independent research and
development, high reliability,

mini LED device, industry leading

The transmittance is
more than 90%,
which does not affect
the glass daylighting
without steel structure,
just stick the thin screen
slightly and connect the
power signal
Flexible Light and thin UV resistance Flame retardanyt

for any surface

as thin as 3mm, as light as 3.5kg/㎡, 5~10 years can ensure no yellowing flame retardant grade V1

Product parameter table

Product specification P6 Flexible LED Screen
Pixel pitch 6mm*6mm(x*y)
Pixel 27889 points/㎡
LED specification SMD2121 (light drive in one)
Pixel composition 1R1G1B
Module Size 1000mm*240mm
Module Resolution 167*40
Pixel resolution 167*167/㎡
Permeability ≥85%
Box wiring mode Internal wiring (clean back)
Weight ≤ 3.5KG/㎡
White balance brightness ≥3000cd/㎡
Peak power consumption 600 W/㎡
Average power consumption About 200 W/㎡ (depending on the video source)
Refresh frequency ≥3840s
Grayscale level 16Bit
Brightness control level Grade 0-255
Color temperature 3200K-8500K (adjustable)
Frame change frequency ≥60Hz
Viewing angle H-H140 degrees V-V140 degrees
Input signal DVI  VGA, composite video
Control screen mode Or synchronous box (computer control screen) or asynchronous box (WiFi connection mobile phone APP control screen, USB flash drive control screen)
Protection grade IP30
Power supply requirements AC 220V ± 10%, 50-60Hz, (optional wide voltage 110V and 9-36V)
working temperature -20~50 ℃
Theoretical service life 100000 hours

p6 outdoor led screen

Breakpoint continuation
Stable performance, support two-way Drive drive-in LED,
When a single point of failure, the backup data signal starts automatically, seamless switching, without affecting the display effect.

High reliability
The fault lamp beads should be kept off. If the connection is abnormal (signal, power supply, ground) inside the chip, the lamp beads
will be extinguished to avoid the phenomenon of steady on and random flashing.
The lamp bead life is more than 100,000 hours

High gray scale display (true 16bit)
RGB channel adopts 32-level current linear regulation, and maintains true 16-bit grayscale display under any current, which is applicable to the consistency of indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor current requirements;

p6 screen

p6 screen

High transmittance
Use the integrated MiniLED lamp beads to improve its own permeability
Use invisible grid circuit to improve its permeability

Patented products
Self-developed chip puts the chip inside the LED beads, simplifying the circuit design and ensuring extremely high permeability.

Easy installation
The flexible led screen display no steel structure is required, just stick the thin screen slightly and connect the power signal Self-developed glue filling process (the screen body with its own viscosity can be directly attached to the glass surface, with strong colloid adsorption, and the viscosity will also increase with the passage of time due to the inherent characteristics of the colloid)

p6 led outdoor screen

led screen p6 outdoor

Flexible design: Made of flexible materialsit can be flexibly bent and curved with a minimum diameter of 6cm.
The flexible led screen panel adapting to various curved shapes, such as cylindrical, arc, etcthis gives greater flexibility in design and installation.

Slim & Flexible For Creative Design
The p6 indoor led display is Ultra-thin and ultra-light, with thickness of the LED film is only 3 mm,
the maximum sheet size is 1000mm*240mm, weight 1.3 kg.
Fine material is very flexible, can be adapted to both flat and curved glass
This gives designers more scope of application and broadens their application occasions.

p6 outdoor led video wall

p6 led wall outdoor

UV resistance
5~10 years can ensure no yellowing

Flame retardanyt
flame retardant grade V1

Installation diagram and wiring diagram
(same as asynchronous configuration)
p6 outdoor led

Application Scenarios
Application Scenarios for Flexible LED Screen

flexible LED video screen, also known as a flexible LED display or LED video wall, is a cutting-edge technology that allows for the creation of dynamic and adaptable visual displays. The screens are composed of small, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can be bent and curved to conform to various shapes and surfaces.
One of the key advantages of flexible led video wall is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications, including:
Advertising: flexible led panel video screen can be wrapped around pillars, columns, or even vehicles, making them ideal for eye-catching advertising displays in urban environments.
Events and Concerts: The flexible led video panels can be bent and curved to create immersive stage backdrops and visuals that enhance the overall experience for audiences at concerts, festivals, and other live events.
Retail: Retailers use flex led video wall to create unique and engaging in-store experiences, attracting customers with dynamic product displays and advertisements.
Architecture: Architects and designers incorporate flexible LED screen into building facades, ceilings, and interior designs to add a futuristic and dynamic element to structures.
Transportation: flexible led display screen are used in public transportation, such as buses and trains, to display real-time information, advertisements, and entertainment to passengers.
Entertainment: In entertainment venues like theaters and cinemas, flexible LED screen provide high-quality visuals and immersive experiences for audiences.
Sports Arenas: The flexible led mesh screen are utilized to display scores, replays, and advertisements in sports stadiums, enhancing the viewing experience for fans.
Exhibitions and Trade Shows: Companies use flexible led screen wall to showcase their products and services at trade shows and exhibitions, drawing attention to their booths.
Art Installations: Artists use small flexible led screen as a medium for creating interactive and visually captivating art installations.
Digital Signage: led flex screen are commonly used for digital signage in malls, airports, and other public spaces to provide information and advertisements.
The flexibility of the flexible led panel screen allows for creative and unique designs that can adapt to almost any environment. They are also known for their energy efficiency and high-resolution capabilities, making them a popular choice for modern visual communication.

LED advertising screen are a type of digital display that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create images. They are often used for advertising purposes, but can also be used for other purposes such as news, sports, and entertainment.
LED display panel for advertising have a number of advantages over traditional advertising methods. They are highly visible, even in bright sunlight. They can also be used to display dynamic content, such as videos and animations. This makes them a more effective way to reach a large audience.
indoor advertising screen There are two main types indoor and outdoor. Indoor screens are typically used in places such as shopping malls, stadiums, and concert venues. Outdoor screens are typically used in places such as highways, train stations, and airports.
led for advertising screen are a popular choice for businesses and organizations that want to reach a large audience with their message. They are a cost-effective way to advertise, and they can be used to create a variety of eye-catching and engaging displays.

Transparent Glass LED Display is a cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates LED panels into transparent glass surfaces, creating stunning visuals while maintaining transparency. This innovative display solution is widely used in retail, museums, advertising, and architectural design to deliver captivating content without obstructing the view. Its see-through nature and high-resolution capabilities make it a versatile choice for immersive and informative displays.

flexible LED panel screen display, also known as a flexible LED display, is a cutting-edge technology designed for versatile visual applications. It features a lightweight, bendable design that allows it to be curved and contoured to fit various surfaces and spaces. This innovative display technology utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to provide high-resolution, vibrant, and energy-efficient visuals.
flexible led screen panel are commonly used in retail environments, exhibitions, concerts, and architectural installations, as they can be seamlessly integrated into curved or irregularly shaped structures. They offer exceptional brightness, color accuracy, and dynamic content flexibility. With their thin and lightweight construction, these displays are easy to transport and install.
Key benefits of flexible led display panels include creative design possibilities, durability, and the ability to create immersive visual experiences. They are an ideal choice for businesses and organizations looking to make a bold and dynamic statement with their digital signage and visual presentations.

P6 LED Screen

P6 LED Screen refers to a type of LED display with a pixel pitch of 6mm. This means that the distance between the centers of two adjacent LEDs (light-emitting diodes) on the screen is 6mm. P6 LED screens are commonly used for outdoor and indoor advertising, indoor displays, events, and large-scale installations due to their high resolution and visibility even at relatively close viewing distances. They offer vibrant colors, excellent brightness, and can display high-quality images and videos.

P6 LED Video Wall

P6 LED video wall refers to a type of large display made up of LED panels with a pixel pitch of 6 millimeters. The pixel pitch determines the resolution and clarity of the display, with smaller pixel pitches generally indicating higher resolution and sharper image quality. P6 LED video walls are commonly used for indoor applications such as advertising displays, digital signage, concerts, conferences, and other events where high-quality visuals are essential. These video walls offer vibrant colors, high brightness, and wide viewing angles, making them ideal for capturing audience attention in various settings.

P6 LED Display

P6 LED display typically offers high resolution, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications where viewers may be relatively close to the screen. These displays are commonly used for advertising, digital signage, events, sports arenas, and concerts. They provide vibrant colors, excellent brightness, and clarity, making them effective for conveying messages and advertising content to audiences.

P6 Indoor LED Display

P6 Indoor LED Display are commonly used for various purposes such as advertising, informational displays, presentations, and entertainment in indoor environments like retail stores, conference rooms, stadiums, and theaters. The P6 designation indicates that this particular LED display has a pixel pitch of 6mm, making it suitable for indoor applications where viewers are relatively close to the screen, such as trade shows or indoor concerts.
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