LED Flexible Transparent Film Screen

P6 Flexible LED Screen

P6 Flexible LED Display

The P6 Flexible LED Screen offers an unparalleled immersive and authentic experience, leaving a lasting impression on its viewers. Its remarkable engineering boasts high transparency, an ultra-slim profile, and an astonishingly lightweight design.
Measuring at an astonishingly slim 3mm thickness and weighing as little as 3.5kg/㎡, the P6 LED screen stands as one of the slimmest and most lightweight LED displays available in the current market. This makes it an ideal choice for crafting immersive visuals that seamlessly blend into any environment.
In stark contrast to conventional LED screens, this film LED screen is exceptionally flexible and can adhere to curved glass surfaces with ease. Its support for arbitrary cutting means it is not confined by size or shape limitations, enabling tailored installations that cater to your unique requirements.
With its absence of dead angles and no discernible color discrepancies, the P6 LED display delivers both visually stunning and secure visuals that are guaranteed to captivate your audience.
Rollable LED Display Film

Rollable LED Display Film P8

In contrast to conventional LED screens, rollable LED display film offers exceptional flexibility, enabling it to adhere seamlessly to curved glass structures. Its support for arbitrary cutting means that it is not confined by size or shape limitations, facilitating tailored installations that align perfectly with your unique requirements.
Flexible Transparent LED Screen

Flexible Transparent LED Screen P10

The flexible transparent LED screen utilizes a cutting-edge technology known as bare crystal ball implantation. The light board incorporates a transparent crystal film that is etched with a transparent mesh circuit, and the components are meticulously adhered to the surface before being vacuum-sealed. the thin LED screen is exceptionally lightweight, weighing approximately 5kg per square meter.The transparent flexible led display are used in environments with glass, such as architectural glass curtain walls, glass showcases, glass guardrails, etc.

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